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Available Services

Private Sessions

In every consultation we will sit and decide how I can best help you to meet your goals using the services that I provide. Each session could look differently depending on how you want to use your time.

Yoga--From the initial consult we will have a personalized yoga session that could be a strong practice, a more restorative practice, or a combo of both. Each of my yoga sessions will have a bit of Reiki also included during final relaxation.

Reiki--I offer full Reiki treatments that are conducted either on a massage table or on a mat on the floor. The client is always clothed and made as comfortable as possible with blankets and pillows. In my sessions there is always relaxing music playing and the treatment can be conducted with hand on or off the body. It's up to you! If you are more interested in learning about how to do Reiki yourself I do offer Reiki Attunement classes that I will describe in more detail below.

Nutrition/Herbal Consult--With my nutritionist background (I have a Nutrition BS from Oregon State) and special interest in herbal medicine I can assist you with finding how your diet and lifestyle is affecting your health. From just a curiosity or an actual health concern we can find a plan to help you reveal your best you! My specialties include diets and herbal cleanse for candida and general detox, advice and recipes for sprouting beans and grains, making your own kombucha (I may even have an extra SCOBY to get you started!), herbal tea blending, and even natural skin care remedies.

Sound Healing/Chanting--Calling upon my musical/healing/yoga background I conduct toning during a session. I can also guide you through chants with bija (seed) sounds for every chakra that will help to clear each one and remove blockages. Even with no chakra imbalance it is a beautiful practice to learn. I also include Sanskrit chants and mantras in many of my yoga sessions to guide and complement our session.

Breath Work--Pranayama is Sanskrit for "extension of the prana or breath". Many ailments and stresses can be alleviated by focusing attention on the breath so each yoga session has elements of pranayama included. We can also do extended sessions just with breath work if you feel compelled to do more concentrated work around body embodiment, healing, or just learning how to connect to breath more readily in day-to-day living.


These are classes that are done in a small group setting either in in-home or in a space that I provide. The time involvement can vary especially for the yoga classes but guidelines are giving in each description.

Chakra Flow--We will conduct a chakra based vinyasa flow class concentrating on each chakra through movement, breath, mantra, mudras, and meditation. All levels and abilities are welcome for this 1-2 hour workshop.

Reiki Yoga--If you would like Reiki to be part of your yoga class I will provide time before/after and during the yoga session for your small group. The time involvement depends on how many people are in the group and the extent of Reiki given before and after the yoga session. I would recommend at least 75 minutes for this class.

Reiki Attunement Partner Yoga (Level 1 only)--For those of you wanting to learn Reiki and be able to get more hands on with it yourself this is a great class for this exploration! Even if you are already a Reiki Practitioner this will help to deepen both your yoga and Reiki practice. The first part of class will tell briefly the history of Reiki and show hand positions for self treatment. Then every person will be attuned through a group attunement process I have developed. We will next go into a yoga sequence while using Reiki that includes partner yoga. This is a really powerful experience so be prepared to be touched (respectfully of course) in more ways than one in this 2-3 hour workshop.

Reiki Atunement-Intensive Class (Level 1 and 2)--For a deeper more concentrated understanding of the Reiki I teach individuals the history of Reiki, hand positions, ethics etc. and attune each person to the Reiki level they are coming to me for (you must have a level 1 attunement before coming for 2). These can be done individually or in a small group. The time commitment is 4-5 hours for each class. I can also do Advanced Reiki Training (ART) upon consultation.


Love yoga and nature? I organize small group outdoor yoga sessions at parks here in the city or on all day/ half day hikes for those who want to get out of the city. Contact me for the next scheduled hike!

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